Ambol Gearmaster Head Gearmaster
The Gearmaster was manufactured in 1941 under US Patent by the American Bolex Company. The Gearmaster was a fully geared tilt and pan tripod head for still and movie cameras with a 1/4" thread mount. It features chrome plating, 360 pan compass and red spirit level. Ambol Gearmaster Head
Post war model
The illustration to the left shows a later model Gearmaster. The size of the tilt lock was increased to provide more leverage, and it was relocated the opposite side which made it much easier to use.

Ambol Tripod Ambol Evn-Pan Tripod
After WWII, the American Bolex Company resumed its manufacture of photographic accessories for still and movie cameras. The Evn-Pan was introduced in early 1946 and intended for the serious amateur. Although its features seem rather basic today, it was a high quality, sturdy and light weight tripod for the time. The friction head pans through 360 degrees and tilts through 190; it features a single pan/tilt lock handle, interchangeable for left or right handed use. Constructed of aluminum alloy and steel and weighing 5 lbs, the tripod extends to a height of 64 inches and retracts to 29 1/2 inches for storage. The feet are hardened steel spikes for outdoor use, and reversible to rubber tips for indoor use. A 1947 brochure lists the price as $28 US, tax included.