Hyper Cinor Hyper Cinor
SOM Berthiot manufactured this wide angle lens attachment. Intended for standard focal length D mount lenses, it doubled the field of view of the lens to which it was attached. The attachment appears in a 1940 American Bolex catalog, and reappeared in advertising during the mid 1950s as the Hyper Cinor I and II.

Iris Vignetter Paillard Iris Vignetter
This Paillard attachment was intended for use on Leitz lenses as a means for making a closing or opening vignette. It was listed for $8, tax included, in 1942.

Slot Conversion Slot Conversion
Although the 'behind-the-lens' filter slot wasn't included as standard on the H-16 until 1954, some cameras had been modified to accept these filters for well over a decade. This was an official modification done by authorized repair shops, and was available for both the H-16 and H-8. Six metal filter holders were supplied in a leather sleeve.