Listed below are some of the lens manufacturers that produced lenses commonly supplied on, or specifically crafted for, Bolex cameras. Companies are categorized by time period and each page provides a brief history and list of cine lenses produced.

Hugo Meyer for H16 & H8 cameras
Kino-Plasmat, Trioplan and Tele-Megor
Goerz for H16 cameras
Wollensak for H16, H8 & L8 cameras
Kern-Paillard for H16, H8 & L8 cameras
Switar, Yvar and Pizar
Kern-Paillard for H16, H8 & 8mm cameras
Introduction of "Visifocus" lenses
H-16 RX mount lenses for Reflex cameras
SOM Berthiot for H16, H8 & 8mm cameras
Lytar, Cinor & Tele-Cinor prime lenses
Early Pan Cinor zoom lenses
Kern-Paillard for all H model cameras
RX mount lenses for H-8
Vario Switar lenses
Macro Yvar & Macro Switar lenses
SOM Berthiot for all H model cameras
More Pan Cinor zoom lenses
Angenieux for all H-16 cameras
Zoom lenses for H-16 and H-16 Rex cameras