Perfectone MST Perfectone
The first sound synchronous motor for Bolex cameras was manufactured in 1965 by Perfectone of Bienne, Switzerland. It was designed to run 100' H cameras with a 1:1 frame shaft at a speed of 24 frames per second. The motor was available with a sync generator for recording synchronous sound with picture on tape recorders with a pilot head. It was powered by AC supply or with a rechargeable battery pack.

Perfectone modified their sync motor in 1967 to power both 100' and 400' H cameras with a 1:1 drive shaft. A new socket on the MST diverted power to the MM 400' takeup motor. In addition, a light was added to the rear of the motor to indicate when the camera had come up to sound speed. It also incorporated an automatic clap stick device which could be connected to a slating lamp in the REX turret. The MST was powered by battery pack and ran at 24 frames per second.

Bolex Unimotor B Unimotor B
The Unimotor B was introduced in 1968 and was designed for all H model cameras. Unlike earlier versions, it was able to power an H camera with 400' magazine attached. However, this required the use of a Bolex Voltage Regulator and battery pack specifically designed for the Unimotor B. It allowed speeds of 12-32 frames per second with the H-16; 12-64 fps with the H-8.

MM Take-up Motor MM Take-up Motor
The 400' magazine on the H-16 REX 5 or M-5 was driven by the Bolex Take-up Motor. It was a 12 V DC motor, attached to the 400' magazine with a bayonet mount, with power supplied through the MST motor with battery pack; or by a voltage regulator used in conjunction with the Unimotor B.