Bolex Winders American Bolex Winders
The American Bolex company, for a short time, manufactured Cinea Film Winders which accomodated 800' reels and featured adjustable tension and drag controls. In 1941, these were modified slightly in appearance and renamed "American Bolex Winders". Bolex Winders The new style had chrome plating, a red Catalin crank handle (similar to Bakelite) and a black crinkle finish with the American Bolex logo embossed in the metal shaft. Tension is controlled by a milled knob on the crankshaft.

Paillard Splicer Paillard Trifilm Splicer
The Trifilm splicer accepts three film types -- 8mm, 9.5mm and 16mm. These were sold in a red Paillard box and included a Micarta knife and set of instructions. I don't know the exact date of introduction, but they were sold at least as early as 1948 at a price of $22.71 US, tax included.