H1 Case H-1
This style of H-1 case was made in London from "top grain English cowhide" with brown velvet trim and hand stitched finish. [4] The interior accepts Bolex H cameras with up to 75mm lenses attached; compartment space held three 100 foot spools of film and small accessories, while a sleeve provided space for manuals and other documents. It came complete with a shoulder strap, lock and key for $45 US (in 1952). Size: 12" x 10" x 6 1/2"

4 "Accessories," Bolex Catalog (New York: Paillard Products Inc, 1952), 11.

H2 Zipper H-2 Zipper
This American made leather case was designed for H cameras. [1] It was secured with a zipper and contained a adjustable shoulder strap. The inside was lined with velvet trim and provided space for the camera, two 100 ft spools of film, accessories and lenses. Price, in 1952, was $32.50 US.

1 "Accessories," Bolex Catalog (New York: Paillard Products Inc, 1952), 11.

Twinzip Case Twinzip
The brown leather Bolex Twinzip Case was designed for pocket size 8mm cameras. It contained two zippered compartments; one for the camera, and the other for film and accessories. The case included an adjustable shoulder strap and sold for $14.50, tax included, in 1954.

Deluxe Twinzip Deluxe Twinzip
This "luxury gray" version of the Twinzip was available for a slightly higher price of $19.50. [2] The case was identical in size and function of the Twinzip, but was constructed with softer pigskin leather. [3]

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3 "Bolex Showcase," Bolex Reporter, Fall 1954, 22.

Omnibolex Case OmniBolex
The leather Omnibolex was made in England, exclusively for Paillard Products Incorporated of New York. [5] It provided room for an H camera, lenses, grips, film spools and compartments for several accessories. It featured velvet lining, two key-lock latches, handle and adjustable shoulder strap.

5 "Make it a Bolex Christmas," Bolex Reporter, Christmas 1955, 29.

Eveready Case Eveready
The solid leather "Ever Ready" case was designed to protect a pocket size Bolex camera while allowing it to be easily accessible for filming. It's similar in style to Leica, Pentax and other leather still-camera cases; the base attaches to the tripod mount, and the cover quickly snaps on and off for shooting while remaining attached. The earliest versions snap over the top of the camera body and cover most of the side, while allowing access to the winding key, speed and viewfinder dials. In later versions, the excess covering of the base was removed.

Compartment Case Compartment
The Bolex Compartment Case provided space for C and B cameras with a Pan Cinor 36 zoom lens attached, as well as room for extra small lenses, accessories, and film. The velvet lined case was made from cowhide and had a nickel plated lock, leather shoulder strap and sleeve for holding manuals and depth of field charts.

H-1A Case H-1 A
(1959) Also referred to as the H-1A Deluxe, this improved version of the H-1 case was made of brown leather and lined with red velvet. A noticeable difference was the addition of a brass support strip lining the exterior. Otherwise, it was essentially the H-1 case and shared the same Bolex product code (MALOR). Size: 12" x 10" x 6 1/2"

H-2A H-2 A
(1958) The H-2A case has little in common with the earlier H-2. Two brass latches, with key-lock, replaced the single zipper; a sturdy handle was added and a leather shoulder strap was included. The inside held enough space for film spools and an H model camera. Size: 11 1/2" x 10" x 6"

Omnibolex B OmniBolex A
(1959) This revised version of the OmniBolex case was designed to hold an H Bolex with Pan Cinor zoom lens and SureFire grip attached. The case was made of brown leather, lined with red velvet, and provided space for film, accessories and documents. Size: 15 1/2" x 14 1/2" x 8"

Introduced in 1959, the Minibolex case was designed to hold pocket size 8mm cameras with a declic grip attached, as well as room for small accessories and a roll of film. A leather shoulder strap was included.