7.5 Macrozoom


Super 8mm Camera


  • OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 8" x 4" x 1 3/4"
  • WEIGHT: With batteries and film: approximately 2 1/4 lb (1080 g)
  • TYPE: Super 8 cartridge load, battery operated.
  • POWER SUPPLY: Camera motor: four 1.5v AA batteries. Exposure control: two PX-13 1.35v mercury cells.
  • LENS: Paillard 7.5mm-30mm f/1.9 zoom lens. Focal length is changed by a lever on the side of the camera. Focusing from 5" (13 cm) to infinity is controlled by a dial above the release button.
  • AUTOMATIC EXPOSURE: Fully automatic exposure control -- light is measured through the lens by CdS cell. Manual control lets the user adjust auto exposure +/- 2/3 stop.
  • Bolex Super 8 VIEWFINDER: Reflex viewfinder with groundglass focusing; Adjustable for eyesight correction; Rubber eyecup. Visual indicator signals insufficient or excessive light and condition of batteries.
  • SINGLE SPEED: 18 frames per second
  • RELEASE BUTTON: Continuous exposures can be made by a button release on the front of the camera.
  • FOOTAGE COUNTER: Graduated in seconds with a red warning signal during the last 10 seconds of filming.
  • TRIPOD SOCKET: 1/4" tripod thread
  • INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: Multitrix with slide mount, grease pencil, acetate sheets for titling and special effects; Carrying case with space for camera, film and Multitrix; Hand Grip; Neck Strap

Notes and Comments

The 7.5 Macrozoom was a lower priced option to the 155/160 series cameras. It was constructed of lightweight aluminum and covered with imitation leather. Advertising suggested that the small size allowed it to "slip easily into a brief case, an overnight bag or a handbag."

The camera featured a wide angle f/1.9 zoom lens of 7.5-21mm focal length with a focus range of 5" to infinity. A multi-purpose lens cover served as a sunshade and cap and could be lowered to produce curtain-fade effects; the camera did not operate with the lid closed.


For titling and special effects, the Multitrix accessory was included free with the purchase of this camera. The Bolex Movie Lite S2 could be attached with an adapter; a built-in daylight filter was switched out when the lamp was used.

Paillard-Bolex Super 8 cameras:

150 Super, 155 Macrozoom, 7.5 Macrozoom and 160 Macrozoom.

Serial Numbers and Dates of Manufacture

The serial number on Bolex 7.5 Macrozoom cameras can be used to determine the year in which it was manufactured. Although it began production in 1968, it was not officially introduced until 1969.

Bolex 7.5 Macrozoom :: Serial Numbers
  #   Year
E 10001 E 10300 1968
E 10301 E 31834 1969
E 31835 E 41836 1970