Bolex red brochure
3 2/8" x 5 7/8": folds out to 15 7/8" x 11 1/8". New York: American Bolex Company (1947).

This foldout brochure from the American Bolex Company features Paillard cameras and Ambol accessories with prices. The copy I own seems to have been printed specifically for "Farnan & Seemann, Inc, of 652 N. Highland Avenue, Los Angeles, Calif and 314-316 East Pike Street, Seattle, Washington."

Products detailed are: the H-8 and H-16 ($282) with internal frame counters; Kern Switar and Yvar lenses; H-1 and L-1 cases; the later model Bolex L-8 ($152.55 with a Yvar 1/2" f/2.8, or only $119.50 with an Elgeet-Ambol 1/2" f/1.9 fixed focus lens); the Ambol Cine Focus; the Norwood Director meter ($32.03); the Bolex G-816 projector ($331); American Bolex Winders; and the Ambol Evn-Pan tripod.