Bolex Model G Projector


9.5mm, 8mm and 16mm Projectors


  • OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 13 1/2" x 6 1/2" x 4 3/4"
  • WEIGHT: 14 lbs (6.3 kg)
  • CONSTRUCTION: Grey satin finish; Chrome plated guide rollers and sprockets; Chrome plated carrying handle with bakelite grip.
  • REEL CAPACITY: 400 ft reel arms; 800 foot reel arms were available at an additional cost.
  • THREADING: Manual threading with locking guide rollers to prevent jamming.
  • Bolex geared transport POWER: Runs on 110-120v AC or DC power supply. A built-in illuminated ammeter indicates the current supplied to the projection lamp.
  • LAMP: G.E. Westinghouse or Radiant 750 watt (500 watt optional), 110 volt prefocus bulb. Modern replacement: DDB or CZX bulb
  • LENS: Interchangeable lenses of various focal lengths; Micrometer focusing.
  • VARIABLE SPEED: 12 to 24 frames per second; Reverse and still projection; Rapid motor rewind.
  • OTHER FEATURES: Gear driven film transport; Direct draft ventilation and cooling of lamp and film; Adjustable base with tilting screw for proper alignment of projected image;

Bolex Model G

Notes and Comments

Paillard Bolex introduced the newly designed Model G projector in 1936. It was available in "monofilm" or "multifilm" models; the latter included a parts kit of reel spindles, sprockets, gate and guide-rollers that could be used without tools to adapt the projector to the various film guages.

The film transport mechanism featured helical gears and sprockets, rather than the more common belt driven system on most projectors.

As of 1940, the price was $210 for single format models, $235 for dual format and $250 for the Model G-3, without a carrying case. Arms to accommodate 800ft reels could be purchased for an additional cost of $37.50 for any of the models.


8mm Single-film Format
Single gauge model designed to project 8mm film.


9.5mm Single-film Format
Single gauge model designed to project 9.5mm film.


16mm Single-film Format
Single gauge model designed to project 16mm film.


8mm/16mm Dual-film Format
Advertised as a "Duofilm" model; designed to project both 8mm and 16mm film.


9.5mm/16mm Dual-film Format
A dual format model; designed to project both 9.5mm and 16mm film.


1939 -- 9.5mm/8mm/16mm Tri-film Format
This model was introduced in 1939 and could be adapted easily to project either 8mm, 9.5mm or 16mm film.

Serial Numbers and Dates of Manufacture

The serial number located on Bolex model G projectors can be used to determine the year in which it was manufactured. The table below lists the range of serial numbers allocated to the production run of single and double format type G projectors (e.g. the G-9, G-816, etc.) The second table covers the production run of the tri-film Bolex G3 projector.

Model G Projector :: Serial Numbers
  #   Year
1000 5000 1936
5000 32600 1937 / 42
200000 205000 1941 / 42
205000 210000 1943 / 45
210000 215000 1946 / 48
215000 220000 1949 / 52
220000 225000 1953 / 55
225000 226000 1956 / 57
G3 Projector :: Serial Numbers
  #   Year
100101 101000 1939 / 46
101000 101540 1947 / 50