Bolex Auto Cine 1931
9" x 12" (21x30cm), full page ad. Paris: Imp. Lahure (July 1931). Scan courtesy of J. Martin.

This wonderful ad from the Summer of 1931 was sent to us by J. Martin, a fellow Bolex collector from Switzerland.

Translated to English, it reads:

"Keep the pleasant hours of your holidays alive! Bring your Cinema "BOLEX" along."

Pictured at the bottom of the ad is the Bolex Auto Cine B camera and the Model D 9.5/16mm projector with carrying case. The ad also highlights features of the Auto Cine B, such as daylight loading spools with a capacity of 15m (50ft) and 30m (100ft). The projector is described as having an "efficiency higher than any other known today". Thanks again to Mr. Martin for his help in providing the French-English translation.