Bolex Colonial Exposition 1931
9" x 12" (21x30cm), full page ad. Paris: Imp. Lahure (December 1931). Scan courtesy of J. Martin.

Another ad from 1931, sent to us courtesy of Mr. J. Martin of Switzerland. The ad refers to the Colonial Exposition of 1931 -- L'Exposition Coloniale Internationale de Paris -- a six month event held at Bois de Vincennes, near Paris, to celebrate the diverse cultures of French colonial possessions. Elaborate pavilions were built to display the architecture, geography, economy, cuisine and people of these French colonies. The English translation reads:

"The Colonial Exposition has just closed its doors, but owners of a BOLEX-PAILLARD camera have living memories of it!"

Incidentally, the location in the picture seems to be the Daumesnil Lake at Bois de Vincennes. Several films exist of the 1931 Exhibition. Whether anyone actually used their Bolex to film a travelogue or home movie during that time would be impossible to determine. It makes for good ad copy, of course.

Like the previous advertisment, the Auto Cine B camera is illustrated here with the Model D projector -- the latter, with what appears to be a voltage transformer.