Bolex woman in a Santa costume

Happy Holidays, from Bolex Collector

December 4, 2008 -- Michael Tisdale
It's been a while since my last update. If you've emailed lately, I apologize for not responding. If you're a regular visitor, you've also probably noticed the disappearance of our discussion forum.

Without going into specifics, I've had to put this site on hold for the past year or so. An unfortunate combination of work, personal obligations and other life events have prevented me from updating it, and I'm afraid I won't have much time in the near future to devote to it -- at least for now.

If you enjoy this site, the good news is that will still remain online and I'll try to bring the discussion forum back in January 2009 (if not sooner.) I'd like to thank everyone who continues to visit Bolex Collector, and ask for patience among the many who have emailed me with questions and comments, as my time and ability to respond is limited. Your support is much appreciated!

Bolex Christmas

Even though I don't have anything to update at the moment, I thought I'd link to some of the Bolex Holiday Related Images and items throughout the site that you may not have seen before. If you have, enjoy them again; all linked from this one convenient page! Check 'em out below.

Happy Holidays,
Michael Tisdale

Bolex Christms Greetings

Speaking of shopping: Christmas is always a great time to buy Bolex Equipment on eBay, as it seems many people auction their old cameras and projectors, possibly for extra holiday cash. The number of items available, from what I've seen as an eBayer of 10+ years, is always highest around this time of year before dropping off significantly in January and February. So if you're looking for extra lenses, accessories or a new Reflex, it's the perfect time to find them.