SOM Berthiot Lenses

SOM Berthiot continued to improve the design of the Pan Cinor lens throughout the 1960s. The built-in reflex viewfinder on later lenses included split image or coincident image focusing aids that increased the versatility of non-reflex cameras. At the same time, the 40 RX and 85 Compact were designed specifically for use with reflex H models.

In cooperation with Paillard, SOM Berthiot designed the lenses for the Bolex Zoom Reflex P1, P2, P3 and Zoom Reflex Automatic P4 cameras. These were built-in lenses which offered reflex viewing and, in some cases, visual focusing aids.

Listed below are the zoom lenses manufactured by SOM Berthiot during the 1960s.

generic Pan Cinor 40
Pan Cinor 40 R
This lens was available in two versions; both were introduced in 1960 and offered through the lens viewing with an adjustable finder, a zoom range of 8mm to 40mm and a speed of f/1.9. The 40R version featured a split image rangefinder focusing aid, and was slightly more expensive.

generic Pan Cinor 40 RX
Introduced in 1962 and designed for the H-8 REX. It offered a 5:1 zoom range from 8mm to 40mm, with a maximum aperture of f/1.9.

Pan Cinor 85-2 Lens Pan Cinor 85-2 (f/2 17mm-85mm)
Introduced in 1964, the Pan Cinor 85-2 zoom lens had a built in reflex viewfinder with a coincident image rangefinder focusing aid. The viewfinder had an adjustable eyepiece and was supplied with a rubber eyecup; it could be placed over the top of non reflex H-16 cameras, or placed at a 45° angle on H-16 reflex cameras. The lens came with a detachable shade and zoom lever and could accept Series VIII filters. Minimum focus distance: 6 feet. Minimum aperture: f/16. Weight: 2 lbs. 4 oz. This lens was also available in C mount for Auricon cine cameras; this version had an extended viewfinder of approximately 10 inches (2" longer than the H-16 version).

Pan Cinor 85 Compact Pan Cinor 85 Compact (f/3.8 17mm-85mm)
This zoom lens was introduced in 1964 and designed specifically for H-16 reflex cameras. The compact size permitted permitted its use in conjuction with other lenses on the turret. It featured a built in zoom lever with 5:1 zoom range from 17mm to 85mm and a minimum aperture of f/22. The lens could focus from 3 1/2 feet to infinity and weighed approximately 10 ounces. It could accept Series VII filters.

Pan Cinor 120 Lens Pan Cinor 120 (f/3.3 12-120 no viewfinder)
The Pan Cinor 120 was introduced in 1970 for H-16 reflex cameras. It had a maximum aperture of f/3.3 and could be stopped down to f/32 or fully closed. The diaphragm, zoom and focus rings could all be control with separate levers. The lens had a 10:1 zoom range of 12mm to 120mm with a minimum focus distance of 4 1/4 feet (approximately 1.3 meters). The detachable lens shade could hold Series VIII filters. Lens weight: 1 lb. 11 oz.