Wollensak Cine Lenses

The Wollensak Optical Company was established in 1899, in Rochester, NY. In the early 20th century, Rochester was the center of the American optics industry; home to companies like Kodak, Bausch and Lomb and other major manufacturers of optical and photographic supplies.

Wollensak manufactured a wide range of shutters and lenses for still photography, and eventually introduced the Cine Velostigmat and Cine Raptar line of lenses for use on motion picture cameras.

After World War II, the American Bolex Company chose to supply both Wollensak and Kern lenses. Wollensak lenses were of good quality construction, priced much lower than Kern lenses and proved to be a popular choice with many amateurs throughout the 1940s and 1950s. Listed below are some of the Cine Velostigmat lenses manufactured by Wollensak for 8mm and 16mm motion picture cameras.

Cine-Velostigmat 12.5mm f/2.5 Fixed Focus

Cine-Velostigmat ½" f/1.9

Cine-Velostigmat 1" f/2.7

Cine-Velostigmat 1½" f/3.5

Cine-Velostigmat 4" f/4.5

Cine-Velostigmat 6" f/4.5

Cine-Velostigmat 15mm f/2.7

Cine-Velostigmat 17mm f/2.7

Cine-Velostigmat 17mm f/2.7 Fixed Focus

Cine-Velostigmat 1" f/1.5

Cine-Velostigmat 1" f/2.7

Cine-Velostigmat 2" f/1.5

Cine-Velostigmat 2" f/3.5

Cine-Velostigmat 3" f/4

Cine-Velostigmat 4" f/4.5

Cine-Velostigmat 6" f/4.5