Bolex B8 camera brochure
3 3/8" x 5 3/4": folds out to 13 1/8" x 11". Switzerland: Paillard Ltd. (1953).

Here's an early four-fold brochure for the Bolex B8 that advertises features, lenses and accessories for the camera. The pages have several nice illustrations by an uncredited artist -- one whose work appears anonymously in most early '50s Paillard brochures. There's also the usual technical details and glowing ad copy used to promote the camera:

With the PAILLARD BOLEX B8 cine camera, every film you shoot is a success. It's easy to load -- easy to use. Just set the diaphragm and press the button... the BOLEX B8 will do the rest. Beginner or expert -- right from the start, you will be thrilled with the result!