H-16 Reflex
3 3/8" x 6 2/8", double-sided, single sheet. New York: Paillard Incorporated (1956).

This single sheet brochure advertises the H-16 Reflex. My copy seems to be intended for Dowling's Fifth Avenue camera store; their address in New York City is printed (not hand-stamped) on the back. It's possible that it was a template for any Bolex franchised dealer, and could be custom printed with a price and shop name. The front reads:

"Now you can sight, focus and shoot all through the same lens with this new and excitingly different movie camera. With the Bolex H-16 Reflex you actually see what the lens sees with a direct view of the subject through the filming lens. No more parallax error... your framing becomes professionally precise... focusing is simple, foolproof... and there's no shutter flicker to disturb your vision at any time!

Come in and see this revolutionary camera today... see the new way to take easier, more interesting movies.

The Bolex 16mm H-16 Reflex with direct through the lens viewing and focusing is priced as low as... $419.50."