H-16 REX and Cinor Lens
5 1/2" x 8 1/2": double-sided foldout. New York: Paillard Incorporated (1959).

This brochure promoted an offer from Paillard Incorporated in New York: a free Cinor 10mm lens with the purchase of an H-16 Rex equipped with a Cinor 25mm. The inside text reads:

"Here is how you can take advantage of this unusual offer: When you buy the H-16 Rex fully equipped with professional features and the superb standard 25mm f/1.4 Cinor lens -- complete for $522.50 -- send in the registration card to Paillard Incorporated. Immediately upon receipt of the registration card, you will receive without any charge of any kind the 10mm wide angle f/1.9 Cinor lens. If purchased alone, this 10mm lens would cost $104.50. Cinor lenses are made by famous Som Berthiot in France and are examples of lens-making at its finest -- designed to work at their best with the Swiss precision Bolex H-16 Rex."