Doris Day
3 3/8" x 6 2/8", double-sided, six panel fold-out (12 panels). New York: Paillard Incorporated (1956)

"The Home Movie Camera Hollywood STARS use" -- at least, according to the text inside. "The camera that Hollywood studios were paid to promote, while cross promoting their current films," might be a more accurate statement. Doris Day is featured on the cover, holding a Bolex B-8 camera; Bing Crosby is pictured on the inside, with an H-16, while Bob Hope appears on the back, reading his copy of the Christmas 1955 issue of the Bolex Reporter magazine.

There are two versions of this brochure; both are the same size, but they differ in the number of foldout panels (5 or 6 fold). The six-fold brochure includes a large picture of Bing Crosby on two panels, while the five-fold doesn't. The five-fold appears to be more common, but the contents are otherwise identical.

8mm cameras and accessories are featured inside, including the H-8 "Leader" for $269.50, the H-8 Deluxe for $370 and the M-8 Projector for $169 (with carrying case, reel and oiler). An extensive list of features is provided for the C-8 and B-8 camera.