TV Commercial for Bolex 155 Macrozoom

April 23, 2007 -- Michael Tisdale
Yesterday, I posted a video for a Willoughby's TV commercial, from 1958, for Bolex movie cameras. Here is another commercial, courtesy of; it appears to be from 1968-1969 and promotes the Bolex 155 Macrozoom Super 8mm camera.

The 155 camera only shows up for 7 seconds at the end of the spot, but I think it's an interesting way to demonstrate the 1 inch minimum focusing distance of the Macrozoom lens. It's a shame the color has faded so much, but at least the print survived.

I don't know how many other TV commercials were produced to advertise Bolex cameras and products -- either in the US or other countries -- but I would imagine most have been lost unless they've found their way into someone's private collection.

You can view other classic television commercials, including ads for Kodak and Keystone movie cameras, from Ira H. Gallen's vault at