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This site is dedicated to the classic motion picture cameras and products of Paillard Bolex -- a Swiss manufacturer of professional and home movie equipment during the 1930s through the 1960s. It is intended to serve as a resource to collectors, and hopes to encourage the use and preservation of Bolex cameras among amateur filmmakers and anyone with an interest in classic motion picture equipment.

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Browse through classic Bolex cameras and projectors, or view images of vintage advertising in the Ephemera section. A timeline presenting the history of Paillard and a glossary of Bolex related terms are located at the left. Don't forget to visit the Articles section for tips, stories, and Paillard-Bolex items not covered elsewhere on this site. Find Bolex cameras and projectors for sale and start making your very own 16mm and 8mm films!

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Controls of the H16 Reflex
November 12, 2011 -- Saturday
New Site Feature: Principal controls of the Bolex H16 Reflex. More cameras and projectors added soon!

Animation Unlimited
September 27, 2011 -- Tuesday
An article written by filmmaker John Korty, originally published in a 1963 issue of the Bolex Reporter.

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